Specdrums Education 12-Pack


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This is a legacy product and no longer in production.


The Specdrums Education 12-pack is the one-stop solution for educators using Specdrums. Use the app-enabled rings to create music anytime, anywhere by turning colors into music with a simple tap. Whether you are teaching music, math, art, science, or language arts, this pack provides the tools to make lessons even more colorful and engaging.

Make sure add-on a USB hub to easily charge all of your rings at once!

Note: Specdrums Education is currently iOS only.

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Specdrums Education 12-Pack
Specdrums Education 12-Pack

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    Engage Students on Any Subject

    • Music

      Teach rhythm and aural skills through 12 different Mystery Melodies; sight reading through 12 At First Sight songs; and solfège through Do Re Me Fa Solfège flashcards.

    • Language and Storytelling

      Bring stories to life with Story Soundtracks, a series of 12 cards providing words and sound effects across a variety of genres such as Mystery, Action-Adventure, and Science Fiction.

    • Art

      Play on crafts, play a painting, or play your surroundings! The Art Beat cards give you instructions and ideas for creating custom Specdrums play pad masterpieces.

    • Math

      Test multiplication skills with the Good Times Tables flashcards.

    • Science

      Explore a variety of science subjects such as biology, ecology, and acoustics through the color-coded Pop Science flashcards.

    Discover Colorful Inspiration

    Specdrums Edu App

    Download the Specdrums Edu app (iOS only) to load the Specdrums Activity Cards provided in the 12-pack. Or use the app to create custom projects and sound packs to use in your own lessons and activities!.

    Download the app

    What's in the box

    • 12 numbered Specdrums Rings with Bluetooth ID card for easy app connection
    • 73 Specdrums Activity Cards
    • 6 Specdrums Play Pads
    • 8 pages of reusable Specdrums color stickers.
    • 6 dual micro USB cables
    • Free Specdrums Edu app available for download on iOS only
    • Free Specdrums MIX app available for download on iOS and Android.
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